Application for Virtual Learning (CGW)

In order to create a virtual learning option for students after the school year has begun, we are utilizing Edgenuity to provide a computer-based virtual option. This is not the ideal virtual experience, but due to staffing already being in place for in-person students, this is the option we can make available on short notice to meet some families' needs. This is a different model and is not the same as what was established for virtual at the beginning of the school year - students will remain on records as part of their current school. This virtual learning option is nearly entirely computer-based with no live instruction. There is some check-in and monitoring that will be done by an Edgenuity teacher (for elementary) or Hopewell teacher (for secondary).

This option is intended for families who plan to stay virtual through the first semester.

Parent support of the student is essential to help them be successful with this virtual option.

This application should be submitted as soon as possible and then next steps will be provided to the parent later that week. Our projected launch is Monday, August 23rd. There are not criteria (such as a documented medical condition) required to join this version of virtual learning at this time.