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Carter  G.  Woodson Middle School

6th GRADE  

6th grade science is a course that builds on concepts learned in elementary school and lays the groundwork for the sciences that the students will study in subsequent grade levels.  Areas of study include the atom, properties and roles of water, watershed systems, the atmosphere and weather, sources and uses of energy, the solar system, and public policy decisions relating to the environment.  Throughout this course, students will engage in hands-on activities and laboratory investigations where applicable.

7th GRADE  

7th grade science is a course that explores in depth the key concepts in the life sciences.  Students will study the cell and cellular organization, the needs of organisms, photosynthesis, genetics, adaptation and mutation, ecosystems and interactions among populations, classification of organisms, and the human impact on our environment. Students will explore life science with an emphasis on laboratory investigations and hands-on activities.  7th grade life science builds a foundation for high school biology.


8th grade science is a course that conceptually investigates the physical sciences.  This course is composed of two main areas of study - chemistry and physics.  During the first semester, students will focus on chemistry concepts such as particle theory and atoms, the periodic table of elements, and chemical reactions.  In the second semester, students will explore key concepts of physics including states and forms of energy, waves, light, sound, heat, magnetism, force and motion, and simple machines.  Throughout this course students will engage in laboratory explorations and hands-on activities to reinforce the content.