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 The Inclusion Program provides an opportunity for students with disabilities to receive instruction in the regular classroom, taught by teachers endorsed in the various content areas.  Special education teachers assist the regular classroom teachers in adapting lessons to meet the needs of individual learning styles.  The individual student’s IEP Committee determines the type of diploma the student will pursue and which courses should be taken in the Inclusion Program.


 The Resource Program provides an opportunity for students to receive individualized prescriptive instruction as outlined by each student’s IEP.  Emphasis is placed on developing compensatory learning strategies, which the student can use to be successful in regular classes.  Admission to the program is through the student’s IEP Committee.


 Self-Contained classes are designed for those students who require small classroom settings with intensive individualized instruction by a Special Education Teacher based on the student’s IEP.  Placement is determined by an IEP Committee.



The Gifted Enrichment program at Carter G. Woodson Middle School provides a daily elective class for the identified gifted students in grades six, seven, and eight.  The students meet each day for approximately forty-five minutes. 

 The goal of the program is to broaden and enrich the school's curriculum, as well as to embrace the Virginia SOL's.  This goal is met through a variety of activities, many of which encompass aspects of the fine arts.  Students are actively involved in writing and solving brainteasers, interactive discussions, and creating products such as board games, cartoons, dioramas, mobiles, origami, and power point presentations.

 Throughout the year, students read classic and award-winning literature.  Creative writing is an integral part of the program.  Students are encouraged to participate in a number of poetry, short story, and essay writing contests.  We use the enrichment units developed by the William & Mary Center for Gifted Education.

 The gifted program at the middle school tries to expose students to a variety of events such as chess tournaments, math competitions, geography bees, and art projects.  We participate in a mentoring program with the special education students.  We tutor and help to facilitate the inclusion model.

 The students in this program are encouraged to utilize computer skills.  We designed and printed a brochure that tells about the Gifted Enrichment program here at Carter G. Woodson. The sixth graders are participating in the "Stock Market Game," sponsored by Wachovia Bank. The seventh grade students are creating a power point/video depicting our school for the guidance department to use when visiting elementary schools in the spring.  The eighth graders have undertaken a new endeavor called "blogging" with the assistance of our technology specialist, Mr. Monty Jones.

 Field trips that are directly correlated to their units of study are taken by the students in the Gifted Enrichment class.  Guest speakers are invited to come and share their expertise.  An international pen pal program has been an ongoing project in the enrichment program.  We have established a pen pal relationship with students in Fukushima , Japan and Ashfor , England .  Many of the students have developed long-term relationships that have continued well after they leave Carter G. Woodson  School . 

 By seeing the students daily and having them in the Gifted Enrichment program for three consecutive years, it enables us to complete many cross-curriculum units which give the students the opportunity to incorporate their diverse talents.