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Welcome to Carter G. Woodson Middle School, where learning never ends and excellence is expected!
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Both band and choir provide opportunities through the year for the student to perform as part of an instrumental or choral ensemble.Developing music reading skills, improving vocal production, learning to play a chosen instrument, following a conductor, becoming aware of balance and blend and moving to music are important parts of the band and choir experience. Preparing for performances calls for a high degree of teamwork, individual practice, cooperative learning and self-discipline.

Art class will be following the Virginia Middle School Art Standards of Learning objectives. Sixth, seventh, and eighth grades will be looking at the Elements and Principals of Design. We will also look at different artists and cultural styles. A variety of media, watercolor, tempra, ink, printmaking, and clay will be used throughout the year. I look forawrd to this year and working with your young artists.


Middle School Art gives the student basic introduction to the Elements and Principles of Design.  Students will also look at different artists and cultural styles.  A variety of media:watercolor tempera, ink, printmaking, and clay will be used throughout the year.  The student is expected to develop proficient skills in handling the various media.  


 Sixth and Seventh Grade Choir :

This is a performing class for all students who wish to be part of a choral ensemble.  No audition is required. Participation in performances is required.

Show Choir:

 This is a performing group that uses choreography and is composed of selected eighth graders.  At least one year of choral experience in either the sixth or seventh grade is required as well as an audition.  Participation in performances is required.


Sixth grade band is a beginning band and enrollment is open.  Remaining in band will be at the instruction discretion.  Much emphasis will be placed on the following areas:  technical studies, learning of skills, and the theoretical aspects of playing an instrument.  In deciding which students will remain in band, home practice will be a large part of the grading process.  Participation in concerts and festivals is an absolute requirement. 

Seventh and eighth grade band are selected groups, and beginners will not be allowed to enroll without first auditioning for the instructor.  The minimum requires that a student demonstrates an ability to read music and to perform on an acceptable level using the student's chosen instrument.  Much emphasis will be placed on reading music, technical studies, and learning of skills.  Home practice is required and is essential to receive a passing grade.  Participation in concerts and festivals is an absolute requirement.