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 The sixth grade health and physical education curriculum includes an equal time in each part.  Physical education stresses motor development skills, instruction in individual and team sports, age-level appropriate activities in fitness, conditioning, and individual and team sports.Health includes the development of self-esteem, disease prevention, body system development and basic first aid skills.


 The seventh grade health and physical education curriculum continues the development from sixth grade. Physical education stresses mature motor development skills, instruction in small-group activities, and age-level appropriate activities in fitness and conditioning.  Health includes the understanding of decision-making, environmental health, body system interaction, and intermediate first aid skills.


 The eighth grade curriculum is the culmination of the middle school program.  With an introduction to lifetime activities and fitness concepts, the student continues skill and activity development in dual and team sports. Health concludes with conflict mediation, skills, community health concepts, personal hygiene skills, nutrition, and first aid skills.